Why should you use a gym logbook? Track your lifts!

February 6, 2017 / Training
Why should you use a gym logbook? Track your lifts!

Gym Log booking Track your lifts!


In my eyes it is one of the most fundamental things to your gym success. Here is why:

  • Progressive overload is one of the keys factors to growth. Il repeat that progressive overload is one of the key factors to your growth.
  • Therefore most people training without a logbook are often pump chasing, and spinning their wheels. I used to be one of them in my earlier days.
  • It is near impossible to remember your lifts for every exercise, your weight and your load. Allthough you may be at a point where you are lifting heavy until near failure how do you know if you progressed on last session?
  • If you have a log book you can therefore just check your logbook know what you achieved last time and know what you need to do to progress on the current session. Providing you can progress with good form you know you have gained strength which yes is vital for hypertrophy you dont see many well muscled guys who can only bench 50kg no matter how many dropsets they do!
  • Furthermore if you are not progressing and can’t progress for some time then providing all other aspects are in check, sleep, stress, nutrition etc
  • You can then look at what exercises are stalling which areas are progressing and adjust your programming accordingly.

So yes you may lift heavy but answer this.

How do you know if you progressed on last time?

How can you troubleshoot a failing program when you cant see your numbers?

How frustrating is it if your not making progress?

How do you know what is working when you have nothing to look back to?

yet 95% of lifters train without a logging their workout!

Especially as a natural lifter you should focus on getting stronger and track it!


Rant over! log your workouts and push progression with good form!

You can purchase logbooks online, or you can purchase one in my packages section of this website. Mine are shipped out to you within 1 working day usually and come with a plastic covering to last as well as possible they have nice big pages and enough pages for a lot of tracking!

Or buy one elsewhere i dont care. Just use a logbook!

Peace out!


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