Why online coaching is better than traditional one to one personal training!

February 6, 2017 / Training
Why online coaching is better than traditional one to one personal training!

Online personal training can offer often much more than traditional in person one to one personal training.

and here’s why…

The long and short answer is that in person personal training is often just paying for someone to plan and walk you through your workouts, with some basic nutrition advice. Remote coaching with me the time you are paying for to be spent on the things that matter to results: Advanced and educated evidence based nutrition coaching, planning, tracking and consulting, training programs that are intelligently designed yet simple to follow with an evidence/science backed formula unique to you. Support when you have questions or need it and lifecoaching such as stress management, sleep and all the other little bits such as hydration, happiness etc.

So lets talk through what you get with most commercial gym personal trainers vs online coaching (such as mine and some others) and why.

-Access to the best coaches with excellent skills and qualifications- This one goes without saying- With a larger amount of coaches on online compared to locally you have access to coaches with better skills, applicable to your goal. For example in a lot of commercial gyms it can often personal trainers who have just done a six week course (which in my opinion isn’t enough) and have minimal nutritional knowledge which is vital to achieving optimal results. However i must fairly note not all commercial personal trainers are like this but certainly a higher percentage is than isn’t. You stand more chance of finding a better coach online than locally!

Commercial gym trainers don’t earn enough to coach you properly- often they don’t earn enough to have enough time to spend on the things that matter
First of all commercial personal trainers pay high rental rates for them to operate out of commercial gyms, or they pay for their use of the facilities with commission or by giving a certain amount of hours per week to the gym in exchange for the use of their facilities.

So for example the average personal trainer charging you £30 for the hours session. He then pays 50% to the gym leaving him with £15 for the hours session.. Sounds OK right? but ask yourself, how much time outside of your session can that personal trainer spend on the things that matter? after he has already spent an hour walking you through your workout which you probably dont need.

Poor processes and methods in commercial gyms- the process itself is often flawed-So lets just list what the process often is in a commercial gym:
Sign up, a quick short chat, questionnaire and health and safety questionnaire, they then design your program, and some even give you random sessions and “functional training” and give you a different session every single time.
Some often sell you on poor training methods such as muscle confusion for example by giving you a different training session every time. How can you get stronger and bigger if you change exercises too often and don’t have no methods to beat? (muscles don’t get confused they adapt and grow)
With more people online finding a quality coach (like me ;)) is therefore much more likely, online due to the larger options of online trainers.

Nutrition in a commercial vs a bodytype nutrition coach or student- They then give you a generic meal plan and/ or some generic basic nutrition advise, no where near custom enough to take you to your final goal in a sustainable, individual enjoyable way. (some online coaches do this too but i certainly don’t being a BTN student, and many others also provide quality nutritional coaching. With my online coaching and some others, you are paying for the gold standard in nutritional coaching with more time spent on the things that matter. You may spend 1-3 hours a week with a trainer whilst they train you but because of their low hourly rate and sometimes lack of knowledge they cant afford to put in the time on such necessary nutritional coaching. Without it results are subpar at best.

With the option of an online coach you can find a coach with the appropriate nutritional knowledge i would recommend anyone who either is a student or graduate of Bodytype nutrition, precision nutrition or has or is studying a degree in nutrition.

Online coaching has better tracking systems- Tracking of more variables and more of the coaches time, To reiterate the online coach is wasting no time training in person and more time doing everything that matters such as: Tracking workouts, nutrition , measurements, pictures, weight, sleep etc as well as…
Analyzing workout feedback and lifting logs and making appropriate changes
Proper nutrition coaching if you find the right coach.
One to one email support at anytime. Anytime you have questions the in person coach is often with clients and not enough time to help with the finer details or questions that may arrise. (you often pay for the hour that your with your trainer, not the actual whole lifestyle coaching needed.)

Technology this is a big one- allows online coaches to offer more than ever:

Through the use of technology online coaches like myself can use technology to control and coach every important aspect and spend the time on these important things.

Through apps and the internet we can track and adjust your nutrition intake and adjust it for results, we can use technology to look at your food logs, to send meal plans if needed. We can use apps to track your weight and measurements, to communicate with you, for you to send progress photos to your coach, and videos of how to do exercises( you can also send videos back to your coach for them to analyse) We can use the internet to communicate, and add extra things like send you documents on things like matter, for example if you was struggling to sleep I would send you one of my documents on improving sleep.

Through technology we can send you recipes etc too literally everything that is needed. You also learn so that when you have achieved your results, you know what to do and how and when so you can eventually coach yourself.

Independence- You get to work out in the gym and do not have to have a personal trainer with you, simply follow your plan and instructions, knowing that its designed by a skilled coach.

Affordability- Online coaching is much more affordable and that money goes on coaching the things that matter, rather than just taking you though exercises that you could probably do by yourself! E.g 2 traditional sessions a week= £240 per month at £30 a session. Versus online coaching at £30-£100 per month spent on the important bits meaning you can expect a better service, more time spent on you individually and better results.

After this explanation i believe online coaching is better for the reasons above! I have worked in commercial gyms and online and can offer my clients much better results online! and for a fraction of the one to one price! One to one coaching is dying in my opinion! if you do the maths: 3X in person sessions a week at £30 each plus your gym membership at £30 per month=£390 per month then you dont get results and still have to buy good food etc. Take for example my entry level monthly coaching £60 per month plus gym membership at £30= £90 per month, better results and money left for food and enjoying life :)

Thanks for reading.. if you would like to apply to be coached then just go to packages! or email me at c-jeffs@hotmail.com

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