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26 Sep


Train with a purpose:

I see far too many people training with a sub-par intensity, to really make a change to your physique and build a dense, strong, aesthetic physique, you need to train with purpose.

So what exactly is training with purpose?

I will start by explaining what training without purpose is. Training without purpose is using exercises that don’t work for you or the areas of your physique that need the most improvement, for example always training flat bench when your weak point is your upper chest. Training without purpose is using rubbish intensity and going through the motions, you see whilst volume is very person dependent many people do a ton of volume, often more than is needed but their per set intensity is quite frankly rubbish. Sure you may build some muscle this way, as the volume is the primary driver for hypertrophy, however, I can bet that the quality of the physique will look very different. Many people are short-changing themselves on each and every set, by going nowhere near failure, and making the workout a walk in the park. Many also don’t apply basic progressive overload and lift the same weights session after session after session.

So how do you train with purpose?

So given that we have now defined what training without purpose is, it is quite simple to establish how to train with purpose. So here is how you train with purpose. I am going to keep this short and sweet so that it is easy to take action and train with purpose!

  • Make each set count- Don’t be the guy that stops 10 reps short of failure because it starts to hurt a little bit, that’s where it’s starting to work! Instead get close to failure!
  • Make each rep count- Focus on the target muscle, lift intensely with good form.
  • Use appropriate weight, form should be number one, but don’t use silly light weights that are far too light for you, use appropriate weight with good form
  • Exercise selection- Law of specificity. Use appropriate exercises, that work for you and the area you are trying to improve
  • Apply Progressive overload- Don’t be the person that lifts the same weights for the same reps, year after year. See my articles on why you should use a logbook, the simple answer is logbook your lifts and try and beat them as often as possible! (logbooks are available in the store)
  • Mindset- Everything comes from the mind, go into your session with the mindset that you are here to be better than yesterday, and remind yourself why you are in the gym in the first place, to make changes. Use whatever tools help you, some are visualization, meditation, music, and even pre-workout. Whatever it takes to get your mind right.
  • If you are doing too much volume, but cant generate intensity because of it, scale the volume back and make each rep, set and session count and intense. The best physique’s in history were built with intensity and purpose.

There we have it, Simple steps to make sure you train with purpose. A short read with actionable steps. Now go and train with purpose!“bro”-to-an-intermediate-advanced-trainer.-1200x600.jpg