Six bodybuilding myths debunked!

February 6, 2017 / Training
Six bodybuilding myths debunked!

Hello, Today more than ever there is more articles and more self proclaimed experts, which can be a good thing. However this can lead to people being overwhelmed and left spinning their wheels! Thankfully the modelbodynow coach is here to dispel some of these myths! so without further ague lets cut to the chase!


  1. Cardio Is more important for fat loss than lifting weights! Doing Cardio has its health benefits and is great for burning extra calories and increasing your energy expenditure as part of a caloric deficit, so it must be used as a tool in the toolbox at the right times. However when people are trying to lose weight what they actually are trying to do is lose body fat whilst maintaining lean mass! This will create the best look, whether male trying to look good or a female trying to get a bikini body.  Therefore muscle needs to be stimulated, and maintained as best as possible,think use it or lose it! Not only this but building even a bit of muscle burns more fat around the clock since muscle requires more calories at rest to maintain, simply put it is more metabolically active! Therefore less muscle= a lower metabolism, not ideal when trying to lose body fat!

2. Clean eating will get me the body i want!- Eating nutritious foods will nourish the body and health which is great and should be incorporated into your overall nutrition regime but simply eating clean isnt enough

Gaining muscle or losing fat boils down to calories in vs calories out and the law of thermodynamics! Many people eat “clean” but still eat too much or too few calories for optimal results, furthermore many also restrict themselves so much that they binge frequently undoing any progress they made, il keep it short and simple here, eat 90% clean and 10% of what you fancy but focus strongly on consistently hitting your caloric, micro and macro-nutrient needs (vitamins, minerals,water, protein, carbohydrates and fats!) so many fall victim of missing the forest for the trees here, think flexible dieting as a long term sustainable approach which if properly utilized can and will lead you to your goals! Adherence is key! many people fail to stick to a diet because they are to restrictive, cant ever enjoy food they want or eat out with friends or family! I believe the biggest reason people fail is because they have an unsustainable, un-enjoyable approach often picked up by various media and diet hypes and misinformation.

3. Lifting weights will make women bulky.. This is one i hear very often! simply put women do not have the hormones and testosterone levels of what a man does, even if they wanted to build lots of muscle it is unlikely that they could naturally. Lifting weights burns a ton of calories,  and develops strong slender, toned muscle in women! Don’t be scared to lift weights and heavy weights at that girls! All of the top bikini models you see lift heavy weights to build a slender, attractive feminine body!

4. I can spot reduce fat on my problem areas- Not so fast..  if dieting is done correctly and you are in a negative energy balance the body will lose fat from all over! Some areas may come off before others and it is often that your stubborn areas that will respond last, so keep dieting smartly until these areas don’t have the fat. Focus on overall energy balance and achieve overall fat loss!

5.  Muscle definition comes from lifting light weights for many reps!- WRONG the reality is that muscle definition comes from having significant muscle mass combined with low body fat levels! If you lift with light weights only you wont build much lean muscle, or maintain what you do have. If you dont have much muscle mass you wont burn as much fat at rest.  Focus on building significant muscle mass and lowering body fat long term to create the best physique!

6. A protein bar is a good replacement for a meal- Often protein bars are processed, and loaded with sugar, They are convenient and should be used as a replacement for say a snickers bar, but proviiding it fits within your overall calorie and macro-nutrient needs! if you have eaten lots of quality food and quality sources of protein, then you can have one occasionally and in balance to help meet your protein and caloric requirements! But opt for the meal when possible! However if this keeps you on track and sustainable then that’s what matters most!


Thanks for reading my fitness myth series! And stay tuned for the next part! If you require a expert, professional science and evidence based approach to reach your dream #Modelbodynow then please check out my packages!

Thats all for now! Carl Hayes

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