My Physique journey!

February 6, 2017 / health/lifestyle
My Physique journey!

” I have created this ongoing blog post to document my own physique, training and nutrition and lifestyle journey, please check here for regular updates of me Carl Hayes, as a personal trainer and Nutritional coach”


My journey has been an interesting one to say the least, when i started lifting at a young age, i was inspired by the golden era type physiques in particular Frank Zane who is my idol still to this day.

I started lifting following getting my brown belt in kempo karate at 13 years old, i began lifting at about 14 years old and was very underweight. Not knowing anything about bodybuilding, nutrition, transformations, but none the less i made the decision to start and never quit, which has helped to build a strong outlook on life.

Getting results for me was very hard to say the least, i was born as a premature baby weighing only 2 and a half lbs! having battled pneumonia which nearly killed me, and a narrowing of the pulmonary artery during my early training stages meaning i trained on less oxygen until the artery width increased. I was extremely skinny when i started, but was very determined i hope my story can inspire many to achieve their goals both in life and fitness.

Over time with a hungry thirst for knowledge, i made it my mission to learn and continue to learn everything i can, and use my body for trial and error to help myself and others. I started off reading articles and magazines and although this helped me establish a baseline physique, with so much information out there sadly a lot of the information was logical fallacies, and misinformation.  I became confused and overwhelmed, although i had a good amount of knowledge, i had to learn to look at research, debunk myths, and think critically. This then lead me to pursue a career as a personal trainer as i wanted to help others who, were in a similar situation to me.

Rather than taking a 6 week crash course i decided to take nearly 3 years to complete my qualification and self research, learning from people at the top of their game. Not the biggest bodybuilders anymore but the people who can really get anyone in the best shape, such as Brad Scoenfield, Alan Aragon and Eric Helms to name a few. To really make sure i was in a position to get people serious results. I have worked locally in Somerset however have decided to become an online trainer and nutritional coach as i wanted to help as many people as possible and make it affordable for them to have access to a real person with knowledge and to help people who want to look and feel awesome! both in and out of clothes! from here my brand Physique-IQ was born!

I have hit many plateaus once i was past the newbie gain stage, crossing from a beginner to an intermediate/advanced lifter which was very frustrating. I now manage to break past these each and every time and continue to progress week by week, session by session ( please see my article on transitioning from a bro split for more information)

So there you have it a background of me, Carl Hayes my story and my purpose. I will post often to update you, with some of my new knowledge as well as updates on my own physique plans my training and nutrition. Most of all this shows i am a real person, not a genetic freak. With real struggles and to show others that if you set your mind to it, there is no limits as to what you can achieve! I truly believe that anything is possible.

That’s all for now, check back here soon! Thanks for reading and of course if you wish for me to help you then please check out my packages, to be coached on a ongoing monthly basis until you reach your goal.

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