How to get a six pack!

February 6, 2017 / Training
How to get a six pack!

Everyone wants to get a six pack, what guy doesn’t? however it can be challenging with so many complex methods out there knowing where to start can be a bit of a minefield to say the least!


Do hundreds of crunches get you a six pack?

No! they will help to develop the actual abdominal muscle further, but achieving sleek abs requires you to have a bodyfat level that is low enough to see them!

see the truth is everyone has abs that are sexy and lying just underneath a few layers! but if the body fat is too high they will never become visibly.

To lower Bodyfat requires you to be in a caloric deficit, this means burning more calories than you consume for a period of time.

I like to think of the body as a sponge! if you continue to pour nutrition (food) onto this sponge it can absorb so much and use it for energy and repair, but once the sponge is saturated and cant take anymore being poured upon it, it overspills which in our bodies case leads to fat storage. The sponge needs to be under saturated for it to burn excess fat for fuel, which will lead to lower body fat and abs.

By building some muscle, (don’t worry girls you wont get huge just toned!) your body’s metabolic rate, (the rate of calories it burns at rest) may increase, as muscle is more metabolically active. Therefore you may continuously be burning more calories around the clock helping you to get leaner, in the long term, and will make it easier to stay lean, as muscle requires more calories at rest to sustain itself!

and of course various specialist abdominal exercises and heavy compound exercises will help to develop the area but the abdominals will only be visible, when your bodyfat is low enough!

This is where ModelBodyNow comes in and simplifies the whole process with expert guidance, to make this as easy and effective as possible!

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