Health and fitness Myths debunked Part 2

February 6, 2017 / health/lifestyle
Health and fitness Myths debunked Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my fitness myth de-bunking series designed for!

The aim is to debunk some of the popular myths which regularly circulate the industry!


1.” I can lose weight with a gluten free diet.”

This is a myth which is circulating around the industry lately! Many health food companies are cashing in on “gluten free” health foods, causing more confusion among people. The reality is there is nothing              wrong with eating gluten and a gluten free diet will not result in weight loss as a stand alone concept. Unless you have a genuine allergy to foods containing gluten, then don’t fall victim to this health buzzword!                 Always be weary of health buzzwords.


2.  If you want to get “shredded” your diet must consist of chicken and Broccoli

This is a another common one, which can lead to confusion. People lose weight on chicken and broccoli because they are eating next to zero carbohydrates resulting in a caloric deficit. However research  has shown that dieting on low carbs is not optimal, simply put dieting in this restrictive manner can lead to poor performance in your training sessions which isn’t optimal for preserving lean mass. Meaning a lot of your weight loss may be from losing muscle which isn’t ideal!

Secondly dieting in this manner will almost certainly lead to an extreme energy deficit which will result in you being left feeling tired and low on energy.

Thirdly it is unsustainable and may lead to binges, undoing all of your progress and eating just two food groups doesn’t give much of a range of foods therefore can lead to nutrient deficiencies.

Lastly if you are on super low calories right off the bat, what are you going to do when weight loss stalls? The best way to diet is to diet slowly, eat a balanced diet with a small  energy deficit and make small drops in calories with small increases in cardio as weight loss plateaus, and enjoy a range of foods!

3. Pain is gain!

DOMS the soreness experienced post exercise is not a good indicator of muscle growth. DOMS is often experienced when the body is subjected to unaccustomed exercise.

You do not need to be sore after your training sessions to grow! In fact if you are continually getting sore it can be an indicator that you are not recovering and adapting to your training program. Focus on progression and recovery to grow. Making yourself silly sore is only going to mean it takes you longer to recover and therefore you cant train with maximum performance and your gains may suffer.

4. Cardio before weights will help you lose fat faster

Other than a small bit of cardio to get your heart rate up, pre training, doing too much cardio before your resistance training can cause fatigue and therefore affect the performance of your training session. Cardio is best kept separate to your resistance training if you must do it in the same session leave the cardio to after!

5. Caffeine is bad for my health and should be avoided

Caffeine in moderation and in healthy individuals actually has many benefits! It can help with endurance, tiredness and fatigue and provides mental stimulation. Caffeine can help you perform better during physical and mental activity. Caffeine is demonized by some for being diuretic however the small amount of caffeine in a regular cup of coffee will not cause you to dehydrate the volume of water consumed in that cup of coffee, therefore you still have a hydration benefit when drinking a cup of coffee! There is nothing wrong with caffeine tablets either provided you are of course well hydrated!

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